The Life You Save May Be Your Own

If your mind hadn’t been turned into tapioca by social media I wouldn’t have to tell you this but here we are: 

Stop asking “Where is BLM?”  or  “Where is Al Sharpton?” whenever some unfortunate black person is gunned down on a ghetto street (I notice no one ever asks “Where is Jesse Jackson?” anymore in these instances. Poor Jesse.) Black Lives Matter is not an organization concerned about the uplift of black Americans. It is not a civil rights organization. Al Sharpton is not a black leader. If Al had to live off just the contributions of black followers he’d still be in $300 sweatsuits minus the lap band surgery and private jets. I know you know this but yet you can’t help but to open the Twitter app to type out what you think is a damning irony. Stop. You’re looking dumb in public. 

Try this instead: Find the real leaders in that community where the latest tragedy occurred and elevate his or her voice. You’ll actually be promoting real black leadership and people who are trying to stop the horror shows happening in their neighborhoods. 

BLM is a Marxist organization. Black Americans are not Marxists. Oh, you think so? Okay. See if you can get some free weed in the projects or if you can get Lebron to agree to an 80% personal income tax rate.  

Al Sharpton has no constituency in black America. He works for white folks and he gets his power from issues ginned up by the white Left. We’ve been hip to his scam for a long time. Get off Twitter. 

Let me illustrate it a different way. Instead of tweeting about the whereabouts of BLM or Sharpton ask were is Thomas Sowell or Larry Elder or Candace Owens the next time a black 5 year old is caught in the crossfire of rival gangs. Aren’t they black leaders? As such aren’t they just as responsible as BLM or Sharpton to respond to every sensational black murder? You don’t use that rhetorical question and you won’t because you know none of them have a large following in the black community. The only way black people know Sharpton is in town is because they saw it on CNN. The only way to find out if Candace Owens is in town is to read it on a white friend’s Facebook page. And they don’t stay in town anyway. Too dangerous and they don’t know anyone. Does any of that fit the profile of a leader to you?

Leaders are available and accountable. They know and are known by their people. In that sense you can see  none of us – black or white – have any leaders so maybe you should direct the concern in your Twitter posts (presuming it is real concern) towards other subjects. 

Walking Back

Out of its stunted and squalid existence on the fringes black America gave America and the world Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Jesse Owens, Joe Louis, Jackie Robinson, Jim Brown, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Langston Hughes, Jacob Lawrence, Romare Bearden, Ella Fitzgerald, Zora Neale Hurston, Richard Wright, Satchel Paige, and many other luminous examples of black genius. 

On the promise of that performance a deal between black America and white America was made: 

“Do you enjoy this?”

“Yes, we do, very much.”

“Would you like more?”


“Give us our civil rights as Americans.”

“Done. Let’s get on that right now.”

It was an easy agreement to make under the moral leadership of men like Martin Luther King Jr., Hosea Williams, and Ralph Abernathy and the elegant strength of women like Rosa Parks and Coretta King. It was difficult to finalize and implement but such was the power of the oratory and example of the black civil rights marchers that the conclusion of the struggle was inevitably going to be  resolved in their favor and in the favor of America generally. 

No party to the deal thought we’d get what we have today. 

Nigger was going to be done away with. James Baldwin famously wrote that no society needs a Nigger. In 2020 build multi-billion dollar record companies live and thrive from using Nigger  in every lyric. Motown has given way to Hoe- town. I don’t even have to list the names. If you’re a parent you spend your time trying to keep your children shielded from these “entertainers”. 

Black athletes were going to proudly represent American superiority in any game played anywhere on the planet. In 2020 black athletes won’t  stand in respect for the National Anthem or the flag their forebears defended against insurrectionists and foreign enemies even as the only privilege they enjoyed as Americans was the privilege of being shot full of holes while wearing the emblem of the flag on their bodies. 

Black leadership was always going to be there to point America to its Christian God and its founding documents. In 2020 there are no black leaders just black critics who use their elite educations and world wide media pedestals to tell the world America is not a fit home for blacks. 

The fires that raged in black America after King’s death weren’t the hottest or the most deadly. The incineration of the  minds  of the affluent black elite by the fires of an anti-American and anti-Christian ideology foreign to the sharecroppers and maids who birthed them has burned black America to the ground.

We’re richer than ever and poorer than ever at the same time.

The deal we brokered in blood has been broken and black America is once again abandoned and adrift but this time in a storm of our own making. 

Left at the Altar

A long time ago I got tired of conservatives talking about family dissolution in the black community. The constant recitation of the black out of wedlock birthrate was in some quarters of the Right akin to the Muslim Shahada. No conversation about economic or social policy in black America could begin without it. So in my irritation with the phony concern and boredom with the talking point I would point out to professional conservatives that the white out of wedlock birthrate – today, right now, not in 1965 – was higher than the black bastardy rate the Moynihan report deemed a social catastrophe. If the root of black crime, poverty, and misery that were stains on our society were due to the lack of black fathers in the home surely we should be more concerned about what was happening in white households since whites make up seven times the population as blacks. The conversations would die at that point. That’s what signaled to me that many of the people talking about black families didn’t actually care about black families. The talking point was only used to cast a bad light on federal welfare policy. I remember it being in the air (and in print, too, but sadly I don’t have the cites) that somehow blacks were uniquely vulnerable to being on the dole. Something in the black genetic code went haywire when cashing in a food stamp. This would not happen to whites.

Then I read some Theodore Dalrymple.

I found other sources and starting reading about what was happening in the white British underclass. Seems like white folks got violent and loud in public and fought and procreated with no regard for their progeny, too. And then I knew with no shadow of doubting that black people had to get out of the conservative movement. I was already done with the Republican Party. I knew it didn’t really want black people in it. Not ones who would speak off script anyway. I was mad at being conned. I wanted someone to acknowledge it and apologize. Of course that never happened. The con continues. There is an entire organization that tweets out black out of wedlock birthrates every few days. It even gets black faces to retweet the stats and talk in short videos about the issue to keep it framed as a “black” issue and a “welfare state” issue.

Well, I hope you can all spot the scam now. Broken families and families where the father is never on the scene are not merely black issues just as bad policing is not just a black issue. The confused, violent mobs of white kids in the street weren’t shipped here from China or a neighboring galaxy. They came out of your house. Yeah, go ahead, blame the universities. That’s easy, but I know a whole bunch of kids in or just recently graduated from a university (including my own) who are not throwing rocks at police officers, burning down businesses or pulling down statues. It ain’t the schools. It’s divorce, shacking up, and bad parenting. The black mobs beating up teenage girls over Air Jordans have the same root as the white mobs burning down police precincts.

There is a lot of talk on the Right about rebuilding institutions and communities. I’m not going for it and neither should you. Until I see my political “allies” own up to the exclusion of black voices in their movement and the exploitation of black misery for their political gain it’s all Black Lives Matter rhetoric to me – as in black lives are the pliable and convenient stepping stones you needed to access and keep power.

Germ Free

About 133 years ago, during the Chinese coronavirus pandemic of 2020, in late May, the people of the United States of America decided they were done with being locked in their homes and locked out of their jobs in compliance with government health measures. They had a higher a calling.  

George Floyd, a black man whom none of them knew personally, had been murdered by a white police officer in Minneapolis (a small, hypothermic city in the Upper Midwest few Americans would ever venture to visit). The officer had been recorded via a smartphone holding  his knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck for eight minutes and forty-six seconds until Mr. Floyd – begging for his life, begging for breath, and finally calling for his deceased mother – died.  

Americans had no choice but to protest. 

And smash strangers in the head with bricks. 

And rob the elderly. 

And shoot fireworks at the police. 

And steal from shoe stores

And drag people from cars to beat them bloody in the street. 

And burn businesses and residences to the ground while keeping firefighters dispatched to the fire at bay. 

It was “too important” to ignore this latest brazen act of police brutality and “worth the risk” to show local governments that the people were fed up with unchecked, bad behavior from public officials. It was necessary that all Americans be in the street to scream for a righteousness they themselves could never provide. If you couldn’t be in the streets it was mandatory that you showed solidarity with the rampaging mob on your social media page (which was being monitored).  American solidarity had shifted from facing down a virus to being united in rage against America. We were all in it together – shoulder to shoulder, arm in arm – in the streets laws of man and of viral transmission be damned. 

After only  a few hours of riot a revelation began to unfold.  Behold! Americans looked on in astonishment as every institution  dedicated to either upholding civil order and prosperity or protecting American heritage transformed into an agency of riot support. Mayors and governors provided political rhetoric to justify the mob. Both the mayor of Minneapolis and the governor of Minnesota blamed 17th century British colonists in Virginia for the state of the atrocious education system in Minnesota and the venal and ineffectual state agencies of Minnesota. Minneapolis in particular. The mayor insisted the police surrender a police precinct  in order to feed the mob’s appetite. Other cities and governors followed suit. 

Corporations who had outsourced their jobs to Asia in search of cheap, controllable labor posted black squares on their social media feeds to show they stood with the under-employed and unemployed black looters. And they had to steal the expensive athletic shoes they couldn’t afford, didn’t they? All of the jobs they might have had were in China and India. It was only property they were stealing and destroying so it wasn’t actual violence one of the social arsonists most delighted by the riots said on television. 

The corporations agreed and announced they would do everything in their power to find a black American (or Person of Color if they couldn’t find an actual black) they could promote from middle management to upper middle management. It was high time to show that white collar Black Lives Matter. Oh, and here’s  a donation to a fund that would collect money for all the businesses destroyed by the unemployed looters they announced bravely on Twitter. 

Universities worked diligently to find and fire any professors or deans who did not agree with the mob’s direction. It encouraged students to finger non-compliant peers. 

This is what George Floyd would have wanted. The total dissolution of American society. It’s what his life story was about. At least that’s what the armed white guys from the suburbs dressed in black hoodies and masks said. 

One of the quietest wings of American society during the pandemic lockdown was the Christian church. A few pastors defied authorities and asserted their right to worship under the Constitution. Some even asserted the Bible superseded the Constitution but every major denomination (and most of the minor ones) complied with the health directives laid out by city employees. 

It was not “too important” or “worth the risk” to hold public worship. More important was to love your neighbor by not worshipping and potentially making your church service a “super spreader” event. Government scientists, while not knowing much about the mysterious, novel virus were sure church events would be hot spots of lethal transmission. As the government began to allow some parts of society to re-open government scientists still struggled with the medical question of how many Christians could safely gather in a church. Some said no more than eight. Others said ten. While still other, more permissive health directors said as many as twelve Christians could gather to worship without bringing about certain destruction upon the neighborhoods in which Christians resided. All agreed Christians should not resume any rituals involving liquids or solids. The science was settled in that regard. Celebrating the Lord’s Supper or Communion would be a death sentence. 

The churches, with few exceptions, took care to obey. The ironclad doctrine of separation of Church and State was only more affirmed by churches obeying mayors, governors, and public officials. In truth, even if church leaders at a denominational or local level had decided to defy the authorities it is likely most Christians would have stayed home out of (understandable) fear of contracting a virus no one seemed to know anything about but only that it was “not like the flu” and very dangerous. Loving your neighbor meant not getting sick. 

But what else did loving your neighbor entail? What the George Floyd Reorganization revealed is that Christians really didn’t know many of their neighbors. What are black people mad about, again? Do they really have a different experience with the police than white Americans? What can I do about any of this? Should I be doing something about it? Let me find someone black and maybe they can explain it to me. Do I know any black people? 

The real risk aversion Christians discovered they had was the aversion to listening to someone else’s story – especially if that someone else wasn’t in the same economic, educational or social circle. All of the noise black people had been making about basic unfairness – not even racism per se – had been avoided because to listen and wrestle with it would necessarily demand the way some things are done would have to be changed. And change is uncomfortable. 

Christians missed in person worship but it became apparent that viewing the worship service and the sermon as a way to dissect one’s inner life in the endless pursuit of self-improvement was probably not all there was to Christianity. Sending children to public school as “missionaries” was still insufficient; especially with schools closed.

The late and fading Republic which began to reveal itself in the Spring of 2020  was rapidly moving away from allowing missionary work in the public sphere. Pastors earlier in the 21st Century fretted about post-Christian America. The scenario that came to pass in George Floyd’s America was a Post-America Christianity  – a setting that would not allow comfortable Christians of 2020 to remain what they desired above all: to remain sterile, unbothered, and germ free. 

38th and Chicago

Do we, finally, now see how pernicious the false 1619 Project revision of history is? The shattered glass, the fires, the beatings and the mob rule should provide us with all the evidence needed to reject the case for eternally recasting America an an unredeemably racist nation. There are no appeals to justice in a nation like that only street skirmishes for power between competing sides – strong man wins. 

The Declaration of Independence set America’s course. Rights from the Creator and since that Creator is the Father of all then all were born with the same rights and dignity. The Declaration of Independence invested in American government the sword as protector not as oppressor. 

If the regime instituted by Jefferson’s words in 1776 was ever going to be repudiated it would have been in the fires and shattering battles of the Civil War. Instead,  President Lincoln doubled down on the Declaration  and made explicit what had been implied: all meant all. Though accused of forsaking the Constitution, what Lincoln did was put executive muscle and sinew on the rhetorical bones of both our founding documents. The 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments don’t exist if Lincoln had jettisoned the Declaration as the vanguard of academia and politics want to do today. 

Jefferson’s generalities gave way to Lincoln’s specificity. The analog Creator of the Declaration was replaced by the digital Almighty God. Government (Parliament and King George III in 1776) treading upon instead of respecting the natural rights of citizens in Jefferson’s writing was a violation of natural order. Lincoln upgraded that to sin. Jefferson plead his case with respect to the “opinions of mankind”. Lincoln made his case from as if from a pulpit to the Ultimate Judge of mankind. 

The urgent and celebrated appeals of black civil orators from Frederick Douglas to Martin Luther King, Jr. make no sense, make no impact, if Lincoln regarded slavery and race prejudice to invalidate the claims of the Declaration. Lincoln’s actions – committing a nation to war — speak to the fact he believed the words of 1776 transcended any acts before it or after it even though human tendencies toward injustice obscure it. Douglass’ insistence on the humanity of black men and women raised slavery from being inhumane to being a cosmic affront against a God who made man in His image. Douglass’ views animated the Abolitionist movement which influenced Lincoln. In turn Lincoln’s steadfastness to the proposition that the United States was dedicated to liberty under the law for all gave official status to the long line of civil rights leaders to follow Douglass as prophets of the American civil religion. 

Martin Luther King Jr.’s tenure was the apotheosis of that prophetic office. His poetic speeches were reminders that we are all citizens born in a country founded, and after a trial by fire, recommitted to equal rights and protections under the law. The radical that King attempted to introduce into the equation – a civil society motivated by love – has yet to be grappled with seriously. Apart from that deviation King stands on the shoulders of Lincoln who stood on the shoulders of Jefferson in proclaiming America’s ultimate purpose is to be a place where the liberty instituted by God is protected and reserved for all citizens no matter their biological origin. King did not attack Jefferson Davis, John Calhoun, or the English colonists of Jamestown. He paved them over with a higher calling where truth and justice are filtered through the Christian idea of sacrificial love. 

The Edmund Pettus bridge in Selma is much narrower and steeper than it looks on television. I walked it once trying to imagine crossing it under a barrage of firehoses, biting German Shepherds and violently swung police batons. It had to look like a fool’s run. Standing on it made me think of D-Day. The Edmund Pettus bridge isn’t Omaha beach in Normandy but the principle at stake was the same. We will either live as free men or under the boot of the powerful. Martin Luther King, Jr. inspired people to storm a narrow, heavily defended, concrete bridge with no weapons, save a belief that the words of Thomas Jefferson – slaveholder – applied to them, too. 

Compare that moral elegance to what the 1619 Project gets us — blame shifting, appeals to might as right, and never ending racial grudge settling. You stole so we loot. You raped so we pillage. For black Americans, especially, to give up on the essence  of 1776 in favor of a prostituted 1619 narrative is to diminish ourselves culturally, spiritually and socially. 

The American people – with some noisy outliers – are convinced of the propositional truth that all men are created equal. But after that thesis almost any type of polity can arise. What is needed to complete and safeguard that belief are leaders with the conviction and courage to defend our creed in the face of the black masks just as we had leaders in the past who didn’t cower in front of the Redcoat the Gray coats, or the white hoods. 

Maybe George Floyd’s murder is the moment that produces that man or woman. It’s doubtful, at this fraught moment, but hope reigns. 

Conceived In Liberty

If you are alive, black, and reading this page please understand this: America does not owe you a damn thing. All debts have been paid. It certainly does not owe you the arsonist’s pleasure of watching it destroy itself. 

The 13th Amendment gave you all you needed. 

Section 1.

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Section 2.

Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

The Freedman Bureaus were hindered. True.

Jim Crow was a terror regime. True.

But so what? Your momma was not a slave. Neither was your dad. You were born a free man or woman in the United States of America.  

Those facts alone obliterate your juvenile need to cling to the security blanket of White Supremacy as an excuse for your moral, economic, political, and cultural failings. 

Before you were born Black Power defeated White Supremacy. You missed that in history class or maybe you weren’t paying attention when your grandparents were explaining it to you. Black Power — not the  bead wearing poseurs in leather jackets or dashikis, holding unfired (and probably unloaded) rifles but the prayers in the name of Jesus Christ  by your unlettered ancestors, the steady work and marriages of your beleaguered forefathers and the unwavering belief in the founding documents of this country. That Black Power. That’s what saved you. It made you part of the elect in this world that can be “poor” while reclining in central air, with 500 cable channels to choose from, and wearing three hundred dollars of athletic gear. 

The black backs in 19th century cotton fields provided you with the only platform you need to be successful and to matter in this land: liberty. Civil liberty guaranteed by the federal government of the most powerful nation in world history. Not even its constituent states can violate them. And when they do you have the law (and plenty of lawyers) on your side.  

That is enough to work with if you add a touch of self-respect. Stop calling yourself Nigger. Stop allowing others to get rich from calling you Nigger. Start looking out for the less fortunate among us  who are still trapped in the cycle of public housing, public schooling, and public incarceration. Do things – start academies, start businesses and hire, teach people how to enter the job market. Pray for the next generation just like the prior ones prayed for you to enter this promised land of civic and social opportunity. 

You can follow behind the 1619 train all you want but that’s not responsible use of  freedom. It’s not the leadership America needs you to provide. It is thumb sucking, adult babyhood, waiting for your Great White Father to fix your life. 

Grow up. If you’re “woke” then wake up. 

The 13th Amendment can only do so much if you insist on wearing your own chains. 

Huntington Beach

It all went down in Huntington Beach this past Friday when a “large crowd” turned out to protest Governor Gavin Newsom’s decree to shut down Orange County beaches. The people were mad as hell and weren’t going to take it anymore. The people were united. They would never be defeated.

Not one person went in the water.

From the available news footage it doesn’t appear anyone even ventured onto the sand.

What are the stakes again? What were the underlying principles being defended in the battle for Huntington Beach? I’m confused. Because if that “large crowd” out “protesting” was animated by a deep regard for God given liberty as outlined in America’s founding documents and a duty to roll back tyranny then standing on the sidewalk is insufficient.

We need clarity.

The Minutemen of Orange County weren’t protesting – they were complaining. Punctuating your complaint by amassing to wave American flags is not a political statement. You’re mad, bro. We get it. Now go back inside the house and don’t come out until your room is clean – like mom said.

Civil disobedience does not include compliance. It means sitting in the whites only section when your skin is darker than the pixelated font on this screen. It means non-cooperation. It requires getting your feet wet or at least sand between your toes after the state of California insanely arrogated to itself the right to close the Pacific Ocean.

The government — at all levels — has been lying to us about a great many life and death issues for decades now. We – the public – haven’t given five full minutes of hard thought to that. Now, it is being pitched in some quarters that being barred from the beach is going to be the catalyst for citizens to take the duties of citizenship seriously. I’ll believe that when I see thousands of soaked Californians caked with sand being hauled off to the local jail.

Motion Measured As A Product

The Grand Wizard who runs Virginia has a health director who announced that “Phase One” of reopening Virginia could take at least two years. My Twitter timeline was filled with the usual right-wing prescription for Progressive policies — run. Leave. Move somewhere else. And ridicule the Left on your way out of town. In other words, the typical cowardly response from the side that gave up on governing some decades ago. 

How do you conserve anything as the outsider? How do you conserve a community, an institution, a nation if you’re always one offense away from calling the movers? 

You can’t, so you major in memes and mockery and hope no one notices you’d rather live in cow excrement than work a shovel. 

Here’s how the Don’t Tread on Me/Sic Semper Tyrannis side rolls:

The Left infiltrates public schools – get your kids out. 

The Left infiltrates universities – give up teaching, teach at a religious institution, or stay at your university and keep quiet. 

The Left takes over federal agencies — jeer their decisions but don’t fire anyone or disobey their decrees. 

The Left puts police tape around the Pacific Ocean — stay dry at home. 

The guns and the bumper stickers and the talk shows and the think thank papers are just political theater. If every Lefty from AOC to Chuck Schumer resigned tomorrow there would a be a sizable portion of the political Right begging them to return and bribing them with offers of even more power. 

The Right is all about compliance. It’s all about back seat driving. Give the Right the wheel and it’ll ask the left-wing passenger where to go. 

Let me try it this way (again): black America had no business producing people such as Booker Washington, Madame CJ Walker, Rube Foster, Delany Martin, or Martin Luther King Jr. No business at all – except it did – because all slavery, Jim Crow, segregation and lynchings did was create a people who did not give a damn about what white society thought. Rube Foster created an entire sports league. CJ Walker created a business empire out of black hair. W.E.B. Dubois created a political and legal movement. Booker created a college, businesses and black Harlem.  Yes, blacks migrated from the South in such numbers it is called the Great Migration but they weren’t surrendering — they were moving on to create lives and institutions that would serve them. 

American history is filled with many hundreds of people who fought against the prevailing legal and governing tide. If they weren’t black we’d venerate their legacies and use them as blueprints for our current troubles. We’re above that though. We’ve never been sharecroppers and we’ve never lived under Jim Crow so all that could be gained from employing the strategies of the people who did doesn’t apply to our current situation. How about another day of Facebook rage or another smart piece from the Manhattan Institute, instead? That’ll do it. 

Public education is one of many examples of how the Right flexes like Tarzan but punches like Jane. 

This past week, the Right was aflame because Harvard magazine posted an interview with a professor who advocates a ban on homeschooling. The same professor has organized a conference about [against] homeschooling in June.

The crazy Lefties will win this fight in a walk. How do I know? I know because the Left has already criminalized parents making educational choices for their children and the Right has done nothing about it. 

Parents have been put in jail for lying about their address so their kids could attend better (by reputation) public schools. One example is Ohio single mother, Kelly Williams-Bolar, who was sent to jail for using her dad’s address to register her children in a public school that was safer and superior to the local hellhole her children had been consigned to attending. The Republican governor of Ohio – John Kasich – did nothing to help Ms. Bolar (who is black) until the usual race baiters ventured to Ohio to turn the injustice into a racial circus. 

Millions of Americans have fled the public school system because they recognize it for the amoral cesspool of sub-literacy that it is. In other words, people left. They ran. Like usual when you run from an enemy — it chases.  So now, the education and legal elite is openly talking about criminalizing homeschooling.

The response from the Right this week? A conference. Righties will host a seminar about homeschooling at Harvard. Speeches will be made, papers will be circulated and then the Left will realize it’s been wrong about homeschooling all along. Maybe that wish will come true but the Left is talking about governing not about how many homeschoolers can score 1400 on the SAT.  After the Right presents its final Power Point presentation the Left will proceed with grabbing all the real power it can. 

It’ll be seminar versus seminar, conference versus conference, white paper versus white paper all the way until there is a fifty state ban on home education not conducted by a licensed officer of the State under penalty of a five year prison sentence and seizure of your offspring.  Hopefully, the funny memes on social media will provide you with some levity as you watch the deputy’s van pull away with your sons and daughters inside. 

I homeschooled my children from 1st through 12th grade. I have one daughter graduating this May, another in December, and one more who is a college Sophomore. I don’t feel like I won anything. I never felt like I was winning when I was teaching class three hours before my shift started for work or when I was grading papers after work. I didn’t feel like I was wining when my wife had to postpone and slow walk her aspirations to teach on the days I couldn’t. 

I was homeschooling because I had no options. I didn’t have options because losers don’t have options. We lost the public school in our neighborhood decades before we ever moved there. We lost the ability to send our kids to a private school because one income wouldn’t cut it for the type of school worthy of my children. Homeschooling was a defensive measure. It was my family staying in the foxhole because the enemy controlled the battlefield our alleged allies had surrendered. 

The political Right in this country is Malcolm X to the Left’s MLK. Mr. X was witty. He dressed well, was well groomed, and employed forceful rhetoric against his opponents. Debating Malcom was to risk being “owned” in today’s parlance.  But that famous picture of him holding a rifle that has been made into a poster usually emblazoned with his famous phrase, “By any means necessary”? That’s a picture of him hiding. Malcolm X wasn’t a leader — he was the 1960s equivalent of Alex Jones. He was the forerunner to notorious Twitter troll, Stephen Miller. Malcolm was ahead of his time. He would have destroyed people on Twitter ten hours a day and been an MSNBC regular in his spare time. 

In contrast, the real revolutionary leader – King – was out in the streets face to face with his oppressors with thousands of people standing behind him. The real radical took a brick to the head, was arrested many times, opposed from within and without and could still rally hundreds of thousands of people to hear him give a speech. The real revolutionary changed federal law in this country forever. The real revolutionary didn’t win online arguments, he won flesh and blood people to his cause. He won an unconvinced nation to the proposition that all men really are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. He took a bullet to the chest for liberty. The real revolutionary, the real leader, Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t urge his people to run. He didn’t hide. He didn’t pretend rhetoric detached from action was leadership.

Last word on schooling: Lots of  people would like to homeschool but can’t afford it. Lots  of people would like an affordable alternative to public schools. Lots of people would like high grade public education free from the grip of the Progressive ideology.  A real movement with leaders in touch with their people would create institutions that served those groups. But you can’t create while driving a U-Haul to Idaho. And you can’t create lasting institutions while tweeting surrender messages to your digital followers. 

In a prior essay I analogized quarantine life to life in the ghetto. Unjust application of laws. Limited mobility. Conspiracy theories everywhere. Being met with fear and anger when you leave your assigned part of the city. I also wrote that it ain’t a ghetto if you own all the property. This is what I’m telling you – stop conceding civic and social territory to the Left.

Stop cooperating with the mob.

Stop running. 

The Invisible Man

My favorite Communist, Harold Cruse, writing in The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual, said this about Harlem, New York, “The true of the matter is that Harlem has, in this century, become the most strategically important community of black America. Harlem is still the pivot of the black world’s quest for identity and salvation . . . Harlem is the black world’s key community for historical, economic, cultural and/or ethnic reasons.”

Cruse wrote that in 1967 just as the last ripples of the Harlem Renaissance moved through black creative culture. That Renaissance produced many of the giants of black American genius in literature, music, painting, sculpture, and dance. Concentrated in roughly 2 square miles for about four decades Harlem was the black Silicon Valley — exporting creative innovation to the world and demonstrating conclusively that American blacks had the brains and drive many in America suspected were lacking. 

Harlem is not a struggle story of poor, uprooted, sharecroppers from the South being packed into segregated sub-standard lives in the North. No, Mr. Cruse was correct. Harlem was strategic. At the turn of the 20th century Harlem was an overbuilt white enclave in Manhattan. No subways had been built to service it so landlords were having a difficult time finding tenants. Blacks – against the efforts of whites not as a result of racial segregation –  began moving into this prime real estate. The organization behind this move was the Afro-American Realty Company. It began buying up houses and apartments and leasing them out to blacks. The Afro-American Realty Company was made up of black businessmen and politicians. Behind them was T. Thomas Fortune, editor of the New York Age, New York’s oldest and most influential black newspaper standing in as the hype man for the move (termed an “invasion” by fleeing and sometimes evicted whites). 

All of the men involved – particularly the men in the Afro-American Realty Company – were proteges of  Booker T Washington and members of his National Negro Business League. Yes, the mastermind behind the black move into Harlem was none other than Booker Washington. Harlem was the product of the Tuskeegee Institute. Washington was quoted in the New York Age as saying, “When race gets the bank book, its troubles cease,” and advising blacks to “Get some property . . . Get a home of your own.”

Black ownership of property in uptown Manhattan became one the main launching pads for the drive to civil equality for black Americans as the creative success gave life to black political movements.  

Washington’s role in creating black Harlem came to mind last night as I watched the sad and repetitive Netflix series, Self Made, about Madame C. J. Walker — America’s first black, female millionaire. Washington is portrayed as a short sighted misogynist opposed to Walker building a business solely because she was a woman ( a lie – Washington and Walker were friends). There are many, many problems with this show but the smear of Booker T Washington was especially pungent. The mediocre program was produced by Lebron James and directed by a black director, Kasie Lemons — two people working in a field opened to James and Lemons almost directly due to the  creative prowess demonstrated by blacks in the Harlem Renaissance. 

No Harlem. No Renaissance. No Renaissance – no room for historical arsonists like Lemons or naive ballers like James. The black elite continues its 80 year war on Mr. Washington’s life and legacy but they do so from the lofty perch he created. 

It’s not a ghetto if you own all the property – physical, intellectual, and creative. That’s the kind of place immune to the vicious stupidity of corrupt and degenerate men. Sadly, it is the kind of place today’s effete and mimetic black elite can never create. 

No Place Like America Today

Mute lies America like a grave as its quarantined citizens have been forced to cease from their earthly pursuits. With time to think many are realizing that opening China ultimately meant closing our restaurants, schools, churches, parks, beaches and all the places Americans like to express their freedom of association. Our factories and jobs went on a long vacation to Wuhan and all we got in the deal was a N95 mask (promised but yet to be delivered). 

Our state and federal government institutions, individual politicians, universities, research labs, media outlets, Hollywood stars, and sports leagues have been corrupted by Chinese money. No one represents us or tells us the truth about how we ended up in the condition that if we want even something as small as an aspirin we have to go all the way to China to get it. Meanwhile, fentanyl pours into neighborhoods and no one with the responsibility for stopping it seems to care.

High unemployment. The discovery that where you used to work has been moved away. Where you used to shop is closed. Illegal drugs everywhere killing your loved ones but the legal drugs you need to maintain health are expensive, experimental, or non-existent.  Policed zones where you are permitted to be or else there is trouble. Representatives who give less than a damn about your opinion. Domestic violence on the rise. Schools exposed as merely buildings in which to warehouse small humans. People are powerless and angry.

The shock of Trump’s win in 2016 forced our shadow police state into the open. We learned the FBI, CIA, NSA, and secret federal courts are corrupt and dangerous to ordinary Americans. The surprise of China’s inadvertent (?) germ attack upon the world has revealed how deeply penetrated world organizations and American institutions are by the communist Chinese regime. We see how enervated our industries are, how vampiric our financial economy is, how politicized our press is, how pointless our schools are, and how utterly lacking in wisdom our leaders are.

Welcome, America, to the ghetto.

That’s hyperbolic, of course. Americans are too wealthy and have too long a history of liberty to ever become a continent-wide ghetto in the same sense Watts, Oakland, West Baltimore or Detroit are ghettos. We’ll be back to normal sooner or later. What would be a shame, though, is if this taste of being exploited and shamefully ignored by a malicious elite does not become a catalyst for healthy change in our civic life. 

This is the time for America to generate an inclusive America First political and civic regime. It’s also the time for America to figure out how to retake the stage as the economic, military, and, yes, moral world leader. Expel China and its malevolence back to its polluted provinces and hope the Chinese people reform their government. 

For any readers unnerved about living in a ghetto, I’ll have a post about the most famous ghetto of all —Harlem — up shortly (Lord willing and if the germs don’t catch me first). It wasn’t what you think it was.